Concrete Producer Leverages Real-time Mixer Truck Location Tracking and Status

Top Ready Mix Concrete Producer Leverages Trimble TrimFleet for Real-time Mixer Truck Location Tracking and Status


Brannan Sand and Gravel Company is the concrete contractor for the construction of Trimble’s newest building in Westminster, Colorado. Achieves greater visibility, control and streamlined workflows with JE Dunn and subcontractors.


Customer Profile: Brannan Sand and Gravel Company was founded in 1906 and has grown steadily to become an industry leader in the manufacturing and placement of Hot Mix Asphalt in Colorado’s Front Range, which stretches from Pueblo, Colorado to the Wyoming border. Today, the Brannan Companies include an award-winning Ready Mix Concrete division and the Brannan Construction Company.

Business Challenge

Brannan Ready Mix was recently awarded a ready mix concrete contract by JE Dunn Construction. JE Dunn is the general contractor for the construction of Trimble’s second building on its Westminster, Colorado campus. Brannan was looking for a 360-degree view of all ready mix trucks, to and from the jobsite, to speed delivery, avoid lost time and wasted material and to ensure a consistent high-quality product is delivered.


Brannan currently has the Trimble TrimFleet Suite on all of its ready mix trucks. The company is also leasing several stand-alone Android tablets that are equipped with the TrimFleet suite.

TrimFleet is a comprehensive operations tool specifically designed for the ready mix industry. It combines hardware and sensors inside the truck and software that analyzes data for an accurate view of each vehicle during the entire ready mix cycle. As part of the TrimFleet suite, TrimView modules provide messaging capabilities to-and-from trucks to dispatch, as well as reporting and mapping. 


With the TrimFleet office software, users essentially make a geo-fence around the Westminster jobsite, and from there they can monitor all the trucks as they enter and exit the project. They can also automatically track everything from ignition on/off times, to departure and arrival times at the plant and jobsite, to when a pour starts.

“The 90 minute window of placing concrete is critical, as is as our pour rate. By knowing exactly where each truck is, we can adjust on-the-fly during these placements to make sure we do not have too many trucks sitting on the job or at the plant. We depend on TrimFleet every day and it’s probably our most important tool because it actually gives us real-time information about our operations”, said Mike Yale, Brannan Sales Manager.


Brannan is also using Trimble drum rotation sensors on all of its ready mix fleet to track speed, direction and rotation count of the mixer drum. The water-add meter is also used to measure the amount of water added before and during the pour to help validate the quality of concrete

Brannan also uses TrimFleet Active Navigation module to route drivers and vehicles from plants and to-and-from jobsites. The system uses the industry standard in truck navigation, Co-Pilot Truck by ALK, to provide drivers with turn-by-turn directions and includes features like route preview, route preference, visual maps, voice-guided directions and smart mapping to keep vehicles away from restricted roads or bridges.


On the administrative side, Mike Yale, Brannan sales manager, explains that his team uses TrimFleet software to create delivery cycles reports. This gives dispatchers and managers accurate information when it comes to tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) about a specific job. This helps the Brannan team make sure it is hitting cubic yards per hour and truck utilization targets.

“Information together is critical for our daily operation because it gives a synopsis of what is happening. TrimFleet allows us to document exactly when and where the mixer trucks are in case a dispute over timing or questions arise around delivery. It removes any doubt and shows that we are delivering what we promised”, said Jacob Lampert, Brannan Dispatch Manager.



Trimble TrimFleet provides real-time location tracking and reporting during each phase of the ready mix cycle. This translates to more accurate routing, shorter truck idle times, meeting on-job time targets, less fuel burn and the elimination of delays and any wasted material.

  • More insight - Dispatchers can track trucks’ real-time location during each phase of the ready mix cycle, including wait time, pour time, idle, load, deadhead and travel time
  • Streamlined communication - Dispatch communicates quickly with JE Dunn and subcontractors when they are drilling for foundations. When construction plans shift or meet delays, TrimFleet can quickly and clearly communicate a change in plans.
  • Dispatch to driver communication - TrimbleFleet messaging app lets dispatch quickly communicate urgent route changes due to traffic.
  • Accurate navigation and locations - TrimFleet Mobile’s turn-by-turn directions sends drivers on the most accurate route to minimize fuel burn and provides accurate ETA. It provides safe routing to ensure that trucks are not routed on roads that are not conducive to commercial vehicles or that have bridges.
  • Continuous cost savings with KPI tracking - Better reporting and tracking translates to shorter truck idle times, accurate routing and fuel savings, and meeting on-job time targets.
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