Loading Accuracy Essential for Port


Loading Accuracy Essential for Port

See how a port in China were able to use LOADRITE wheel loader scales to eliminate overloading fines and track their products.

The problem

Based on the east coast of China, the Xiamen Port is one of the trunk line ports for the Asia-Pacific region, and as the eighth largest port in China it is not only busy, but an essential link a larger chain.

Operating over 100 loaders for unloading ships berthed with iron ore and coal there is a large number of loads leaving the port each day. Xiamen had to ensure they knew exactly what weight was going into every truck and train, responding to the issue of accountability over weights and reduction of overloading fines.

The solution

Xiamen port chose the LOADRITE Pro, the leading scale offered by global weighing experts LOADRITE. The accuracy and reporting functions allowed the loader operator to see the exact weights being loaded into each vehicle down to 1% accuracy, while information on each load was stored and available for analysis via computer.

The result

As a result of the installation of the LOADRITE Pro systems Xiamen are able to monitor and track all weights loaded. Suan Ping of Xiamen port comments “With the LOADRITE scale we are able to

load fast and accurately”. This has not only eliminated overloading fines but has allowed staff to track stock movements, This results in increased profits due to elimination of overloading fines and stock management has led to greater efficiency.

Mark He, Manager of LOADRITE China, also comments, “The LOADRITE pro offers a powerful tool to any company which is seeking to increase the speed of loading. Trucks and trains are loaded accurately first time, no delays and no fines. Installing a LOADRITE scale offers the accuracy, reliability, and accountability all businesses strive for”.

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