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Get More out of Your Machine Control Systems With Trimble WorksOS

Implementing machine control is often the pivotal moment in a construction contractor’s growth. Shortly after this technology is integrated into the business, machine operators find that they are able to do more in less time, work faster and more productively than ever before. The quality of earthmoving and compaction output on a jobsite improves, and contractors quickly find that the gains in productivity and efficiency on their projects quickly surpass the cost of investment in the technology. This improvement often begs the question - what else can get from my machine control systems?

That’s where Trimble WorksOS comes in. The whole time a machine is working, we are mapping a precise 3D location for everywhere it’s blade has been, creating a topographic survey. An as-built surface is then created from that information. This means that the data from the first-pass surface can be compared to the last-pass surface to calculate the volume changes between the two. From there, we generate cut/fill maps and calculate changes in material volumes. 

5 Questions Trimble WorksOS Answers

Every site manager since the dawn of construction has five questions they need answered on a day-to-day basis. With Trimble WorksOS, we are helping our customers answer these questions with one easy-to-use operating system. 

1 - How much work has been completed?

WorksOS automatically tracks the progression of the work completed using an understanding of the changing ground surface from the machine productivity data, to calculate cut/fill quantities each day relative to an original ground survey.
worksos screenshot

2 - How much work is remaining?

WorksOS estimates the work remaining to achieve the site design by day, week and month and displays this on a cut/fill map, using the real-time updates to the as-built surface relative to the design surface for the site.
worksos screenshot

3 - How is each area of the project progressing?
WorksOS lets you compare working rates for geofenced areas to quantify productivity across the different zones on your job sites.

worksos screenshot

4 - How much work is each machine doing?

WorksOS provides volume and compaction metrics and current location for individual machines, so you can easily track progress and reallocate machines as needed to achieve your targets.
worksos screenshot

5 - Can I see a ‘snapshot’ of all areas and quality metrics?
WorksOS offers one configurable dashboard for the project, which you can customize to fit the needs of your business.

worksos screenshot

If you want to have the answers to these questions at your fingertips, in an easy-to-understand application that connects to your projects and machine control systems, it’s time to learn more about Trimble WorksOS.