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Make the Most of Your Machine Control System

As a successful contractor, you've embraced machine control technology on your projects, helping you complete more work in less time with digital precision and automation solutions from Trimble. But in order to keep your construction projects on schedule, you also need real-time visibility of the work being completed at each job site.

With Trimble WorksOS, you can harness the data from your machine control systems to monitor progress versus the site design, and easily track work completed and work remaining on each job site.

When your machines are equipped with Trimble machine control technology, we map precise elevations and locations as they work.  We use that information to create a topographic survey of your jobsite, which reflects the most current as-built surface.

With Trimble WorksOS, you can view that surface in real-time, and compare your first pass surface of the day to your last pass surface. You can easily perform volume calculations to determine the amount of material moved during the day, based on the change of volume between the first and last pass.

The elevation changes between each surface can be viewed as cut-fill maps, so you can instantly see where material has been cut based on elevation decrease, and where material has been filled based on elevation increase.

You can also bring in your original ground surface from a survey into WorksOS.  By comparing the as-built surface to the original ground surface, you can easily calculate how much work has been completed since work started on the job site.

And when you bring in your finished grade design surfaces, you can also calculate how much work is remaining to meet the design requirements on the site.

Intuitive and configurable dashboards provide you with the most up to date snapshot of progress on your projects, so you can easily see how much work has been completed, and how much work is remaining to get to that finished grade.

Trimble WorksOS also makes it easy to view your complete site design, including linework, sub surfaces, and project boundaries.  This allows you to monitor progress based on how your projects are structured.

Get real-time information about machine activity and production quantities from anywhere, making it easier to document your work and avoid any payment disputes.

Easily perform quality checks to meet and prove your pass count and compaction standards.

Use your machine as-built data to survey hazardous areas on your sites, where surveyors cannot go safely.

Document and prove your work with detailed volume, pass count, and compaction metrics.

Trimble WorksOS - Real time productivity data at your fingertips.